Bio Eco Energy Company (BEECO) commercially cultivates Miscanthus x giganteus and develops sustainable biomass feedstock supply chains in Croatia. We have a vision to become a leading producer / distributer of Miscanthus x giganteus planting material and supplier of cellulosic biomass feedstock in Western Balkans region.

BEECO distributes the woody, rhizomatous C4 perennial grass Miscanthus x giganteus as the “King of fiber”,- the best crop for energy farming, biomass energy generation, biofuels and chemicals production.

BEECO is a full member of the Bio-based Industries JU and the European Biomass Association

Please, take a look at our short presentation to get basic info about project:

BEECO implements sustainable technologies and provides turnkey solutions for biomass energy generation projects as far, as a range of comprehensive services: from energy crops plantation establishment and energy farming to vertically integrated clean-tech biomass energy systems.

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General Manager

Sergii Chabannyi, M.Sc. Dipl.-Ing
+385 91 3551 015
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Business Development Director

Klaus Holzinger, BSc. Eng.
+43 664 4613 797
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Managing Partner

Dean Pavlak, Sc. Civ. Eng.
+385 98 459 931
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Tomislav Torić, M. Eng.
+385 91 6198 296
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Chief Financial Officer

Kornelia Bregović, Bacc. Oec.
+385 91 6198 297
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Project Manager

Mislav Kontek, M. Eng.
+385 91 6201 175
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Project Manager

Vedran Šarić, M. Eng.
+385 91 6198 295
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