Bioenergy crops

Agricultural and forestry production residues are one of the essential raw materials when it comes to biomass. But as the content of these residues, in most cases, oscillates with a large deviation from the required norms, and the amount of this biomass is much less than the capacity of an agricultural area on which they are grown provides, experts through various studies managed to find the ideal solution for this problem.

The solution is a cultivation of energy crops for biomass production and its further processing and conversion into the desired form of energy or feedstock by different treatments. But due to the increasing population, and because of the reduction of arable land, an advantage in the farming goes to the cultivation of crops that are used for food.

To avoid a conflict with the food industry, the cultivation of energy crops by BEECO is focused on the abandoned, marginal and uncultivated lands.

In Europe, the main focus of energy crops industry is on Miscanthus x giganteus, but there are many high-quality crops of that kind, for example, Sida hermaphrodita, Arundo donax, Phalaris arundinaces, Pennisetum purpureum, Salix spp. and more. Here are the comparison of the above mentioned and other crops major characteristics.