Paper industry

In 2013. 400 million tones of paper were produced worldwide. Estimations said that in 2025. production of paper will raise to 500 million tones, with 1,6% growth per year. Consumption of paper per capita depends from country or region (for example in US this amount is 300 kg per capita), but worldwide 55 kg is amount of paper consumption per capita. Most used is wrapping paper and cardboards, and other printing and writing papers.

Most important feedstock for paper production is cellulose, or cellulose fiber. The structure of the cellulose makes a series of glucose units interconnected with 1,4 glycosidic bond. Group of cellulose chains which are called fibrils makes structure of plant material fiber.

Plant fibers except cellulose and hemicellulose also contains lignin. Since hemicellulose don’t have structure like cellulose it is important to remove it in the processing of cellulose. Hemicellulose is easily soluble compound which makes it easy to remove. Liginin is also necessary to remove in processing of cellulose as much as possible. No matter which method of lignin removing is applied, it can’t be removed in total.